Alan Jones

A short biography of Alan Jones:

"I have painted for a hobby all my life, but a work related illness resulted in my art becoming a real job 10 years ago.

The experinece has been amazing: firstly, succeeding in work for myself, doing a job I dreamed about and then meeting and working wirh my race heroes.

The decision to self publish came about after a bad experience with an international publisher, who head hunted me, and then proceed to publish very unsatisfactory prints from my artwork. The decision to go it alone was the best I ever made. I take all the risks, but get the print quality I require and all of the job satisfaction and resulting rewards.

More than 54 sold out prints, customer feedback to be envied; it seems to me that approaching my 59th birthday, I have it all.

The motor sport art is created in oils on board, but I also work in pencil and airbrush.

When I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago (a malignat tumour behind my eye), things looked bleak, but even with the lost of my eye, the art is still meeting the standards I set myself."

(Alan Jones told me to to go into semi-retirement in June 2006. He will close his own website possibly at the end of 2005)

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