Superbikes 70s

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Superbikes of the Seventies, Brown R.

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Three decades after they first roared onto the scene, the superbikes of the 1970s are still regarded with awe and affection by motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Beautiful, powerful, exotic, brutal, and quick are just a few of the adjectives that these machines still conjure up?and not just among those of us old enough to remember them. A generation of younger riders has heard countless stories about these legendary bikes from fellow cyclists and magazine reports.

But what were the original superbikes really like to ride? And how do they compare to today?s machines with their more sophisticated engines, suspension, and brakes? To answer these questions, Roland Brown, one of the world?s top motorcycle journalists, rides the best of these bikes and shares his impressions. He also describes each bike?s technical features and provides complete specifications and road-test excerpts from when the bikes were new. Hundreds of color photographs and vintage 1970s sales brochures help recreate the excitement of encountering these bikes for the first time.

Maybe you?re in the market for a classic motorcycle, or you want to learn more about a bike you already own. Or maybe you just want to find out how these bikes changed the world in the Seventies and paved the way for today?s machines. No matter what you?re looking for, Superbikes of the Seventies is the definitive guide to this unique era in motorcycling history.

Verlag: David Bull Publishing 2002
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 192

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